Land Sales

Enterprise Realty Services is a commercial real estate firm specializing in the sale of land and commercial properties in the Washington, D.C. area. Over the years our land practice has evolved with a primary emphasis on multifamily and for-sale residential land with a continuing focus on urban infill (re)development including mixed-use sites. We have completed the sale of development sites including over 10,000 residential lots and 20,000 multifamily units.

We pride ourselves on our thorough due diligence combined with our in-depth market knowledge.

Our brokerage philosophy is founded upon the principal of providing a “true benefit” to all parties involved to bring about a successful transaction. Our professionals approach each assignment as a partner, principal and prospective purchaser/developer. In understanding each property and asset from all sides of the transaction we are better able to understand the ideal approach to positioning the subject property for success. As such, our land sale services include extensive front-end coordination with our client in attempting to identify all potential site related issues, target site attributes, and ensure the property is best positioned for success. These front-end “services” can include land-planning, coordination with consultants, identification of consultants and development team formation, entitlement-review and due diligence, discussion with relevant jurisdiction, and underwriting services.

We pride ourselves on our thorough due diligence combined with our in-depth market knowledge. Our approach is designed to understand each property or asset as thoroughly as possible in order best position the property for a successful transaction. Our knowledge of local jurisdictions’ relative approval processes, individual sub-market conditions, various residential product and construction types (and relative hard cost implications), combined with our extensive relationships and prospect list allow us to best meet each client’s needs and continuously establish Enterprise Realty Services as the premier land broker in the Washington, D.C. Metro market.

Advisory Services

Enterprise Realty Services has over 30 years of experience in land and development site sales. As such, we have garnered both a wealth of market knowledge and relationships. We are well-positioned to use this base of knowledge and these relationships to assist our clients in better understanding their specific property/asset and the path to a successful development and/or transaction. We advised both property owners looking to position their property for sale and owners looking to execute on the development of a property themselves.

Our goal is to use our knowledge and relationships to best assist our client in achieving their goals.

We offer assistance and guidance in the land planning process. We can undertake the land planning effort through our planner relationships or review and consult on an existing plan. We have detailed familiarity with all jurisdictions and their relative zoning, comprehensive planning and subsequent approval processes. We work with clients and counsel in review of a property’s entitlement prospects and the steps required to achieve and requisite approvals.

Enterprise Realty also offers underwriting services and traditional Broker Opinion of Value services should these be of up-front value to the client. In short, we are a complete real estate services firm with a specialization in real estate development.

Investment Sales

Enterprise Realty Services maintains an updated database and in-depth market knowledge of local asset values and recent transactions. We used this knowledge and our developer and investor relationships to assist in the successful marketing and sale of existing assets and/or income producing properties. Our experience spans a variety of product types including retail, service-commercial, industrial, office, and multifamily rental. Given our experience in land sales and development our true expertise has been in the sale of assets with in-place income and future development potential. Having strong relationships with both institutional and entrepreneurial local investors in addition to developers allow Enterprise Realty Services to maximize the value and exposure for such an asset.

Equity Financing

Enterprise Realty Services extensive experience in multifamily development and our wealth of transactional experience has led to relationships with a variety of equity investors. These investors include well-capitalized individuals, small family offices, and traditional institutional private equity groups. Enterprise Realty Services detailed knowledge of each individual transaction and our familiarity with development underwriting parameters place the firm in an ideal position to leverage this knowledge into equity identification and placement.